Art Style is led by Christiane Wagner, who seeks to structure and strengthen the planning, production, and results in an organized way to realize their projects. Through optimization and division of space and time, Art Style has in each collaborator specific and complementary qualities in total synergy, offering agility and efficiency in overcoming the constant challenges that the market and urban life offer. Furthermore, Art Style seeks commitment to continuous improvement in its environmental and social projects, therefore having as principles the planning of goals, the monitoring of its effectiveness, and the availability and maintenance of resources to provide critical analysis of actions preventively with the development of projects that do not cause damage to the environment, meeting the needs related to the quality of urban space.

The focus is on new possibilities, resources, and technologies searching for product and service development solutions. In addition, digital resources are the coordinated point in their applications, especially concerning recent developments in design. That comprises specific and complementary branches, such as experience design, interaction design, visual design, user interface design, information architecture, and user experience design. 



To revitalize, modernize, strengthen, and globalize the company’s corporate image with a positive and forward-looking vision;


To promote coherence between the corporative image and practice synthesizing perceptions, such as credibility and reliability, productive technology, innovation, and globalized management vision;


To incorporate new languages, visual resources, and new materials applied to the products and services, reducing environmental impacts. 

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