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Art Style is a creative studio with its own style working in the architecture, design, communication, media, and editorial fields and focusing on visual communication and urban design. After all, concept and materialization are the dual essentials for a project’s success. Following the evolution of design and incorporating the most modern concepts and practices of design to creation, Art Style transforms expectations into objective results with solutions. Art Style’s philosophy prioritizes creativity based on sustainability and the constant search for innovative projects.

The projects developed by Art Style — the interface of architecture, film, art, design, and digital media — receive special attention from Christiane Wagner and complete monitoring of all phases of the process: planning, strategy, management, and implementation. Nevertheless, teamwork is highly valued. It is essential. Above all, Art Style seeks the result in each team member. Beyond all this, the development of each member of Art Style is the key. Everyone is carrying out this daily revolution conscientiously and is committed to achieving results. 

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